Where Will You Be 5 Years From Now?

– Where will you be working, and at what?

– Will you want to change your career path?

– Where will you be living?

– Will you be buying a home?

– Will you be in a committed relationship?

– Do you want children?

– Do you want to develop outside hobbies and interests?

– Will you want to go back to school?

Have you thought about the answers to these questions?  Of course, none of us have ultimate control of our futures.  But it might help you to think about the directions in which we’d like our life to develop.


I just finished reading a short story about a man who hired a golf coach in order to improve his swing.  They had several sessions in which the coach tweaked the mistakes he saw and made suggestions for improvement.  But, to his dismay, his client’s swing didn’t improve.  It just deteriorated to a series of clumsy and ineffective movements.

But why?  Wasn’t his client trying hard enough?

Here’s the explanation.

Change has to come from within.  It cannot simply be imposed from without.Rather than try to adjust each element of his stance to conform to his teacher’s instructions, our hero  decided to change his approach.  He observed his coach’s swing.  Then he visualized how he would like to appear when swinging.  And he then adjusted his movements to conform to his inner visualization – to how he wanted to look when swinging.  He flexed the right muscles in his imagination, and twisted his body accordingly in his mind’s eye. And lo and behold, his swing improved!

The same is true in our lives.  It helps to visualize where we’d like to be, rather than wait for life to come to us.  That way we enable ourselves to make choices that may lead us in the right direction.

Try it.

As an exercise,

ASK YOURSELF THE ABOVE QUESTIONS – or others that may apply., Then, for each goal,


Life sometimes “just happens”.  Sometimes you’ll be lucky.  But often you can help luck along by reaching for the things you want and aiming at achieving your goals.

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