Group therapy is highly effective for situations that have an interactive component.  My groups are kept small, usually 5-8 members.  Special care is taken so that you feel comfortable and safe in the group.  Your entry into the group is preceded by three or four individual sessions with me, so that you become familiar with my style and can trust that you have an ally and partner in me. Group members may each have different issues they wish to address. Although group members can, of course, disagree with each other, no belligerent behavior or verbal abuse is allowed.


  • Provide a highly supportive and interactive place to talk about your problems
  • Are effective in ending emotional isolation
  • They are extremely helpful for resolving repetitive problems of social interaction
  • They are confidence-building.  You will find that although you may have problems in one area in life – you are strong in others – and can help other group members in areas in which they are weak
  • Your dysfunctional patterns of thinking and behaving will generally replicate themselves in the group session, but here they can easily be identified.  New patterns of behavior can be explored with the group
  • Group is an economical, low-cost way of addressing your problems if you cannot afford individual therapy.

Groups meet once a week for 90-minute sessions.   They are not covered by insurance plans, but fees are low.