Adults generally approach long term commitments with a high degree of romanticism and idealization.  And, of course, a long-term commitment IS romantic.  Nevertheless, adults are frequently disappointed and disillusioned when they realize that, far from effortlessly living “happily ever after”, they are now faced with an entirely new set of problems and adjustments. This is where couple counseling comes in!

I can help you by:

  • Facilitating the communication between you and your partner
  • Teaching you both how argue calmly, kindly and fairly
  • Teaching you both how to listen
  • Teaching you both how to convey a sense that you are hearing your partner
  • Teaching you how to negotiate solutions
  • Teaching the art of COMPROMISE
  • Clarifying what qualities each partner can work to change, and which are unchangeable or non-negotiable
  • Helping you see the relationship, and your partner, realistically, and helping you decide whether, despite its limitations, you feel that the relationship is still worth it
  • Facilitating separation, if necessary

Sessions are 60 minutes in length, and are weekly.

Please check with your insurer to see if Couple Counseling is covered as a diagnosis.  If not, another diagnosis will be used.