BS-BT is a targeted time-limited approach that is best for use in addressing problems that arise suddenly, but that are situational, rather than pervasive, and lend themselves to concrete solutions.

It can help you adjust to situations such as:

  • Crises
  • Changes in employment
  • New conflicts in the workplace
  • New separation from home and family
  • Changes in life circumstances, such as college enrollment
  • Geographical moves
  • Dissolution of a relationship
  • Loss and mourning

BS-BT is a highly focused, interactive and resolution-oriented approach that is time limited. Sessions are 50 minutes in length. Most problems will be resolved in 12 weeks.  However, if you feel you need longer to get “on top” of your situation, these limitations are adjustable.

BS-BT will generally be covered by your insurance plan.  Please check with your insurer as plans differ.