What is the difference between psychotherapy and counseling?

Counseling is a generalized term for a service that offers advice or solutions for those who asked for it.

Psychotherapy is a particular method of counseling in which conscious or unconscious behaviors or thought patterns that may be standing your way are identified. New, and more present -based strategies are developed that allow you to live a more vital life.

How can therapy help me?

Many adults feel that they are not living their lives joyously. Overtime life seems too much, and they feel as though they are coming undone. At these times, therapy can provide a safe place to sort out feelings, gain insight, and try out new behaviors and gather the support they need.

Who do you work with?

  • Women
  • Couples
  • Life coaches
  • Therapists
  • Adults in need of support, coping skills, new behaviors, responses and ways of communicating.

How do you offer therapy?

  • Individual Therapy
  • Couple Counseling
  • Group Therapy
  • Brief-Solution Based Therapy
  • Phone Therapy

What is your approach?

We work together.  I don’t hand you solutions, but I help you identify the assumptions and the behavior patterns that may be standing in the way of finding your own solutions. By use of a blend of empathy, humor, encouragement and insight, I help the patient understand how these assumptions developed, and why they no longer serve a productive purpose.

The techniques I use are eclectic – from Freudian approaches to cognitive therapy, to art therapy, I choose different techniques based on what is most effective with each client.

How long is a session?

  • Individual sessions: 50-minute therapy hour.
  • Group therapy:  90-minutes per session.
  • Couple Counseling: 60-minute hour.
  • Solution Based Therapy: Twelve 50-minute sessions
  • Supervision: 60-minutes sessions

How much does it cost?

My fee is $200 per 50 minute sesson unless otherwise discussed

Where are you located?

Midtown Manhattan, East Side

Do you take insurance?

While I do not belong to any insurance network, I am covered by all insurance companies who provide a Freedom Plan, or allow you to go to out-of-network providers. I also accept Medicare. To determine the extent of coverage, please check with your insurer, as plans differ.

How do I get started?

Please call to schedule either a 15-min complimentary call or an initial 50 min consultation at $200.00.

This should be covered by your insurance.